UMSA library , created in 1933,which is very close to the origin of the UKRAINIAN MEDICAL AND DENTAL ACADEMY. It fulfills an important role in organization of many-sided educational process.

During 79 years the fund of the library was replenished with new educational and scientific literature’s. The fund of the library today having around 600000 volumes of documents. The UKRAINIAN MEDICAL AND DENTAL ACADEMY has 3 libraries. The library has own 3 separate buildings.

Every year about 10000 new books come into the library, 50 Ukrainian and 100 foreign medical journals are subscribed.

Every year near 7500 new readers register. Average visitors to our library as on Dec’ 2011 is 313575 peoples. Books & journals burrowed on 2011 are 650000 examples.

The Central Board on Methodical of the Ukrainian Health Ministry supplies the teaching literature published in Ukraine, gifted supplies come from charity societies.

A large achievement of the University is the opening of the electronic reading hall connected to the Internet, which affords effective opportunities for perfecting the teaching and research processes.

UKRAINIAN MEDICAL AND DENTAL/STOMATOLOGICAL ACADEMY library is open to University staff, students and registered borrowers. Its reference and information facilities are also open to the public.

Every year about 100 books exhibitions are organized, more than 75 bibliographical surveys, readers’ conferences, disputes and literature evenings are conducted.

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